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1. For every "x" add up one point unless the question says to add more.

2. The lower ones lower your already added up score for every "x" in those statements.

3. Be honest. The questions aren't a "sometimes" or a "maybe". For example:

   -Your character is happy and cheerful. You maybe NOT "x" this out and then say your reasoning for this is "sometimes she's happy" or "only around close friends" or "when she's around Italy/Germany/Denmark/etc." Either he/she are happy or not. No in-betweens.

4. Be truthful. NO ONE likes a liar. This is test to help you better your OC so you've got to be honest.


1. [ ] They are an African/ South American country and are white.

2. [ ] They have a curl similar or like Italy's or Romano's

3. [ ] They have England eyebrows or an America curl.

4. [ ] They have a curl or an ahoge that is similar to a canon character's curl/ahoge or something that a canon character already has. (Example: Curl, bandage, hair piece, etc.

5. [ ] The OC Looks like you. (Notice: If you happen to be from the country, some similarities are alright unless you, for example, have blonde hair and are from Sudan. Then that makes no sense. I mean as in same hair style/ same birth mark/etc.)

6. [ ] You made up the OCs personality without looking up any history.

7. [ ] The OC has magical powers (can control ghosts/ mystical creatures/has rainbow powers/etc.)

8. [ ] OC has a pet of some sort.

9. [ ] Pet is an animal not found in that region or associated with that country.

10. [ ] Happened to be a pirate once in their life.

11. [ ] Even though Pirates had nothing to do with their history in any way shape or form.

12. [ ] He/she is in love with a canon character.

13. [ ] This character isn't even included in their history at all. (Example: JapanXKenya or SpainXSouth Africa etc.)

14. [ ] OC pretends she/he doesn't love this canon character but really does and the canon character loves him/her very much.

15. [ ] The canon character has a bad relation with your OC based off history/ present events.

16. [X] OC is very kind and giving and tries to sort out problems that the other countries have.

17. [ ] More than one canon character is in love with your character. (Add one point for every other character.)

18. [ ] Character has a rare/unusual/ mix of hair colors. (Add 2 points)

19. [ ] This hair color isn't even found in your OCs country. (For example, orange/red/pink hair in Mongolia.)

20. [X] Your character gets along with most of the canon characters.
Malta gets along with mostly everyone as a country IRL

21. [ ] Gets along with the stuck up/xenophobic/ or hateful characters.

22. [ ] Has a horrible/not very good/ no relation with the country that once owned them.

23. [ ] Has a certain phrase he/she likes to say.

24. [ ] This word/phrase is something that sounds like something a canon character already says. (Example: "I'll be the hero!" = "I'll be the villain!" )

25. [ ] You're character has an erogenous zone in a visible place. (Example: Italy and Romano's is their curl.)

26. [ ] Hates/Loves one of their siblings.

27. [ ] (If girl) has a big chest.

28. [ ] (If boy) is muscular

29. [ ] Physical very strong

30. [ ] Carries around a weapon

34. [ ] Taller than/ same height as Russia or Sweden

35. [X] Height is NOT based off of population. (People, these are COUNTRIES. They are to be based off the COUNTRY. )
I looked up average height/weight correlations for her age, but nothing specific for her country, so, no.

36. [ ] OCs name is your name or has part of your own name in it. (Add 8 points automatically. You never name an OC after yourself.)

37. [X] OC doesn't find Italy annoying/ America annoying/ or Russia to be intimidating.
She doesn’t find Italy annoying.

38. [ ] OC can control a canon character. (Example: Make Russia be nice or make America sincere and nice or make England be happy and not prideful.)

39. [ ] OC is scarred from having a former dictator/evil boss/ communist/ etc.

40. [ ] Character is shy.

41. [X] OC has scars anywhere on their body.

42. [ ] OC has some sort of hair piece/ accessory.

43. [X] Has a necklace/earrings that is always there.
Her Maltese Cross necklace.

44. [ ] OC isn't interested in anything. (Example: Always being bored, wanting to be left alone, prefers to hide from things.)

45. [ ] For the above, if the countries history proves otherwise that the country has never backed down or hidden from its problems, add 8 points.

46. [ ] You never looked up any history about your country.
Che, I’m STILL looking stuff up! That’s the fun part! I make sure to post all of my sources, too.

47. [ ] If you did, it was only the relations with other countries.

48. [ ] Your character wears clothes similar to that of a canon character. (Example: Your OC having long sleeves and a band like China or a scarf like Russia or one like Poland. This is only if you find more than two similarities. )

49. [X] OC has a similar hair style to that of an already existing character.
Same hair colour. Most of the Mediterranean characters I’ve noticed have dark brown hair. To be geographically cannon, I gave it to her as well.

50. [ ] If your character is paired up with someone, that canon character loves your character back.

51. [ ] Even if, based off their relationship throughout history, they hate/dislike each other.

52. [X] OC can understand more than 2 languages. (This does not include languages like Indian languages spoken in the country.)
By “Indian” I assume you mean Aboriginal? And Malta has two official languages; Maltese and English, but I’ve been informed many of them know Italian as well.

53. [ ] If you answered yes above, does the language make any sense? Put an X if it doesn't. (Example: A Chinese speaking country can speak Icelandic.)
Considering the close relationship Malta has with Italy, I’d deem it sensible.

54. [X] Character has a lot of friends/allies.

55. [ ] Character has a lot of enemies.

56. [ ] Character has very few friends/allies.

57. [X] Character has very few enemies.

58. [ ] Character is neutral according to you.

59. [ ] Character is officially neutral. (As in, for example, Switzerland neutral with an official announcement. It must have an official announcement.)

60. [ ] Character prefers not to fight.

61. [X] Character is rather feisty and gets into fights, whether verbal or physically, a lot.

62. [ ] Character has a "mommy" AND a "daddy"

63. [ ] Character calls "mommy" a male character.

64. [ ] When character was smaller, he/she wore an outfit like Chibitalia & Romano's.

65. [ ] Character has a "child".

66. [X] Outfit was a dress
I don't know if it would be considered a dress back then, but it looks like a dress in today's eyes.

67. [ ] Outfit was an apron with pants

68. [ ] If your character is a girl, she was mistaken for a boy when she was younger. (Add 8 points to this.)

69. [ ] If your character is a boy, he was mistaken for a girl when he was younger. (Once again, the same as above.)

70. [ ] Character has more than or two hairstyles. (Example: One for working and one for fighting.)

71. [X] Character has more than 2 outfits. (This does not include a national/traditional costume or a Halloween costume for example.)(Add two points for every outfit.)

72. [ ] All or most of your answers were NOT based off of history.

73. [ ] Country is prideful

74. [X] Country is rude
Apparently some of her people swear a lot...

75. [ ] Country has a quirk. (Dances all the time, eats all the time,etc.)

76. [ ] Character has a special talent/special export.

77. [ ] Character is seen around a certain country

78. [ ] Character is in a certain, for lack of better word, "trio" of its own. (Like the "Bad Friends Trio" which include Prussia, France, and Spain.)

79. [ ] You based some of your OCs personality after you

Take off points if:

[ ] Your country is involved with drugs. (ONLY answer this if it's a country in which drugs is a big influence or is an issue currently.)

[ ] Your country smokes.

[X] Country is Xenophobic
She's a bitch when it comes to African refugees. She has her reasons, but still...

[ ] Country is extremely poor

[ ] Country has a serious drinking problem

[ ] This drinking problem is a serious issue with their health.

[ ] When drunk, it makes them act way opposite than normal. (Add two points for this.)

[ ] Character is Bi-polar or has a mental issue.

[ ] Character has extremely short tempers.

[ ] Character has OCD/ADD

[ ] Character is isolated

Less than or 10 Consider making your OC a bit more interesting but he/she is not a Mary Sue!  Congratulations!

10-19 Balance Character! Great Job! You really did your research!

20-41 Border Line Mary sue; Pretty much a Mary-sue. Consider deleting some things. Your character is/may be annoying to others.

42< Mary Sue all the way. Please, control this.

Extra Notes on Making a Hetalia OC:

1. A character should only have this if it is something serious. Not just a war or a dictator or an earthquake or something. This should, but is not required, only happen if there is an ongoing event of some sort that has seriously affected your OC. )
2. This bugs be quite a lot. NO CURLS OR ANYTHING SIMILAR TO ONE ANOTHER CHARACTER ALREADY HAS. (This is an exception if the character was once owned by that character though. For example, India having England eyebrows. That's alright because India is still part of the commonwealth today and was once owned by England.)
3. Please, please, don't name your OCs after yourselves.
4.  Hm, the biggest issue though is the History and Personality. People, you must remember these are COUNTRIES. Which means not everything can be based off the people. (Hair color, skin color, eye color, things like that are alright because it's common sense) but things like Personality and whom they get along with is determined by their history. Not you. So, briskly read through their history and find a personality. For example, if the country tended to get into many fights and often fought for the "evil" side in something, that character, more than likely, will be bad and probably be angry and shaded. If the country only got into one huge fight, for example, and you make that character evil and bad, that is incorrect because it was only a one time thing or a few. Not something significant, understand?
5. Don't be afraid to add some stereotypes in there. Not too many that they make the character offensive but just enough that it makes the character funny and/or interesting.


13pts. Apparently she's balanced, so that's good. :P
This was fun, haha.

EDIT: I've updated her character bit since then, so I took the test again... I unselected some, added others, and I ended up with the same number as before, haha.
Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original to link back too. Sorry. :P

For my Malta OC: [link]
I found this from =ZiraHZ and wanted to try it myself. :)

(Updated: June 15, 2013)
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I got a 13 for my Montenegro OC. Im flattered   Flattered, omo so cute  
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You're oc's not a mary sue at all! :U I think this test is a bit outdated!
lmbrake Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It'd be nice to have a more recent one.
And thank you. I try, but there's always room for improvement. :)
YourneighborhoodHobo Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Professional Photographer
I guess for improvement, but your Malta is already really good, from what I've seen! you can probably find an updated one on a hetalia oc fan group, maybe?
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I will look. Thanks~!
Checkpleez480 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Writer
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lmbrake Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) (Some ships just happen, haha.)
Cherryaddict262 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
XD So very true...although I'm finding people shipping her with germany or england alot of the time...hmmm
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I got a 13
maricookie Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good job on the same results :33
Let me take this test for a few of my OCs
(8 points directly to my Phili ^^)
lmbrake Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I know-- Not much good if I get the same! :XD: But it's still a 'ballanced OC'
maricookie Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Think I'll publish the results soon. But lately,other Sue tests for other fandoms are revealing themselves to me. Feels like im being bombarded though^^;
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:XD: It could be worse-- you could actually have a sue.
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:P Thanks, Lamby...Thanks for assuring me
DjRoguefire Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! My character isn't a Gary Stu! XD

Though... I only got 3 points... uh.... Isn't that kinda on the extreme end of anti-sue/stu? XD
lmbrake Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only according to the test. I feel like one could explain things that weren't brought up. :)
You have an OC? *Did not know that* Link plz?
DjRoguefire Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh.. I didn't write his profile here. I did upload a few of his art here but i couldn't decide on a standard look at the time... hehehe
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